Audio Production Certificate

Two students in audio production studio

Advance Your Skills in Audio and Radio Production – Produce radio and audio commercials and promotions, learn music recording and mixing, and create productions to add to your career portfolio.

The 18-credit Certificate in Audio Production integrates recording, mixing, producing, and mastering audio.

Audio board Completion of the certificate will help students pursue careers in radio, film, and video, as well as audio and music production. Students will learn how to develop and produce messages using current audio hardware and software. Communications Media majors can obtain this certificate as part of their 44-credit major program.

Certificate Counts as a Communications Media Minor

Majors from other departments can declare and earn a minor in Communications Media along with this certificate.


Core Courses: 15 Credits
Course Title Credits
COMM101 Introduction to Communications, Media, and Culture 3cr
COMM249 Basic Audio Recording Techniques 3cr
COMM349 Radio Production 3cr
COMM350 Digital Storytelling 3cr
COMM449 Advanced Audio Recording Techniques 3cr
Elective Course: 3 Credits
Course Title Credits
COMM281 Special Topics1 3cr
COMM354 Media Law and Policy 3cr
COMM401 Media Programming and Promotion 3cr
COMM403 Multimedia Newswriting 3cr
COMM408 Media Field Studies 3cr
COMM414 Music, Media, and Culture 3cr
COMM451 Multimedia News Production 3cr
COMM 470 Media Sales and Management 3cr
COMM 477 Freelancing and Entrepreneurship in Media 3cr
COMM480 Seminar in Communications Media1 3cr
COMM481 Special Topics1 3cr

1As appropriate depending on topic; approval required.