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Learn more about the Physics Education BSEd program, including course information and how to apply.

Prepare the next generation of physicists

Physics teachers are among the most sought-after in the field of education. You serve your students as well as the community by passing on the fundamental knowledge of science.

Do you interact well with others? It's an important quality for successful educators. A BSEd in Physics is designed for those who want to become a role model by inspiring secondary students to grasp the expansive power of physics.

BS in Education-Physics

  • Develop the skills needed to earn a teaching certification for physics in Pennsylvania junior high and high schools.
  • Acquire practical experience in methods courses and student teaching.
  • Gain a strong foundation in math and physics.
  • Fulfill science requirements as well as core curriculum for the College of Education.
  • Your course of study culminates in student teaching, your first true experience as a science teacher.