Chemistry Education

Teacher Matt Grata, Chemistry SOLID TEACHING PHILOSOPHY - Mathew Grata '11, a chemistry teacher at Central Cambria High School in Ebensburg, Pa., says "I always thought that the knowledge I have isn't minethat's what I have to share with people. That's why I fit in so well at IUP. A lot of the professors share that same philosophy."

Prepare the Next Generation of Chemists

Understanding chemistry is like understanding everything you touch and see and taste. Chemistry is the study of all matter. As a Chemistry Education major, you'll find that teaching and science come together here in a fluid way, with excellence in both areas.

The United States will need thousands of science teachers over the next several years. But that does not mean that anyone with a chemistry degree can teach. The chemistry teacher education program at IUP is very strong, with an enviable track record of graduating chemistry teachers who have excelled in their chosen profession throughout the United States.

At IUP, your degree is certified by the American Chemical Society. Our ACS-approved curriculum lays the foundation of solid chemical knowledge, while our special topics add diversity and depth. Unlike many college chemistry programs, IUP's chemistry program encourages students to be active in research starting their freshman year.

Gain a strong chemistry foundation while developing the skills and fulfill the requirements needed to earn a teaching certification for chemistry in junior high and high schools.

Your degree will prepare you to teach chemistry at the secondary school level. In this rewarding career, you'll enrich young minds as you help your students to understand better the world around them. Because of your influence as an educator, some of your students may pursue careers in chemistry.