A professor helps two students with an experiment in a lab.

What's Happening for Biochemistry Majors

Biochemistry majors can engage in various events and activities on campus that further their interests in science and biochemistry. Along with the organizations and resources below, See the For Current Students section for more information on student research opportunities, summer research for students,internships, and career planning, as well as a list of some recent student research presentations.

American Chemical Society

The American Chemical Society engages in annual events and weekly activities, including fund-raising to purchase science equipment. Join in presentations to local high schools and a volleyball team that competes with other departments.

Alpha Chi Sigma

The Alpha Chi Sigma chapter provides a place to create lasting friendship while pursuing a professional life in science.

American Medical Student Association

The American Medical Student Association strives to serve the campus and community, while also helping prepare members for academic tests and job interviews.

Registry of Undergraduate Researchers

The purpose of this registry is to facilitate matchmaking between undergraduates who have research experience and a desire to pursue an advanced degree with graduate schools seeking high-quality students who are well prepared for research.

Biochemistry Seminar Series

Featuring senior students majoring in biochemistry as speakers, these seminars generally span a wide range of topics in biochemistry. Students and faculty from all departments are welcome.