Environmental Health, Biology, BS

Mike Charmo TAPPING HIS SKILLS - Michael Charmo '14, BS in Biology, Environmental Health, acts as both an environmental scientist and industrial hygienist in his position at WSP (William Sale Partnership) in Reston, Virginia. "From labs to writing papers, the curriculum at IUP helped me develop the tools I need," he said.

Take Leadership on Factors That Impact Health

As an environmental health science major pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you'll deepen your knowledge of the natural sciences while also polishing your analytical and problem-solving skills.

In IUP's program, you'll learn to identify, evaluate, and manage factors that can adversely impact human health and the ecological balances essential to human well-being. These factors include air pollutants, food and water contaminants, solid and hazardous wastes, vector-borne and communicable diseases, housing and shelter hazards, and ecological and global stressors.

Among the courses you'll take are General Microbiology, Environmental Health and Protection, Introduction to Toxicology and Risk Assessment, Fundamentals of Environmental Epidemiology, and Organic Chemistry. You'll also choose from a list of courses such as Air Pollution, Radiological Health, Introduction to Planning, and Hydrogeology. An internship will add real-world experience to your training in the classroom.