Minor in Biomedical Science

Enhance Your Credentials with a Minor

Increase your future career options by adding a minor in biomedical science to your education. With these courses, you will expand your understanding of life while strengthening your professional credentials.

You will learn basic anatomy, physiology, and microbiology concepts important to healthcare-related fields, and apply your knowledge to focused topics in upper-level courses. The biomedical science minor will provide you with relevant information outside of your field of study and may enhance your employability, making you more competitive for graduate programs or jobs upon completion of your degree.

Required Courses, 12cr

  • BIOL 150 - Human Anatomy, 4cr
  • BIOL 240 - Human Physiology, 4cr
  • BIOL 241 - Introductory Medical Microbiology, 4cr

Controlled Electives

  • Select six credits from the following: BIOL 310, 323, 36, 405, 410, 460, 466, or 477
  • One other BIOL content course with the approval of the minor advisor

Please complete the Verification of Minor in Biology form and return to the Biology Department Office, Weyandt 114.