Biology, BS

Jesse Hoak with a frog on his nose

Some Say the Scientific Mind Can Be Described as Half-Scholar, Half-Explorer

As a biology major pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you'll be immersed in many aspects of biology, from biomolecules to biomes. You'll learn in the classroom and outside it. IUP's biology professors are highly committed to getting students involved in field experiences and hands-on projects.

Among the courses you'll take are Principles of Biology, Botany, General Zoology, Microbiology, Genetics, and Physics. You'll also choose other biology courses, such as Field Botany, Ornithology, Field Zoology, Ecology, Immunology, Limnology, Animal Behavior, Plant Physiology, and Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy. In addition, you'll select classes from related disciplines such as chemistry, math, and geoscience. An internship can be incorporated with planning, although the required course list is extensive, so as to provide a strong background for professional work or graduate study.

IUP's Biology Departmenthas the academic size and diversity to give you the opportunities found at larger research institutions while also providing you with the kind of more personal learning community found at smaller colleges.