Cultural Competencies Certificate

Two IUP students smiling in class

Succeed in the Global Workforce

It's a big world filled with big opportunities.

Be ready to succeed in that world with the Cultural Competencies Certificate, which gives you a flexible way to get the training you need to be effective in a diverse workplace.

Your core courses help you appreciate diversity and cultural competency. The rest of the program is basically up to you. You'll choose from many options to study what interests you most as you prepare for life in a global workforce.

Relate Better Across Cultures

The Cultural Competencies Certificate program develops your knowledge, skills, and understanding to increase your ability to relate across cultural differences. Be more employable, improve your potential for advancement, and prepare to better enjoy the rich diversity of your world and workplace.

General Requirements

  • ANTH 110 Contemporary Anthropology or ANTH 211 Contemporary Anthropology (3 credits)

  • One Culture Area Course (3 credits)

    • ANTH 271 Culture Area Studies: Africa

    • ANTH 272 Culture Area: China

    • ANTH 273 Culture Area Studies: Southeast Asia

    • ANTH 274 Culture Area Studies: Latin America

    • ANTH 314 Contemporary Native American Cultures

    • ANTH 370 Latinos and Diasporas

  • Two elective courses (6 credits). A full list of electives is available in the IUP Undergraduate Catalog.

Here are instructions for adding a Cultural Competencies Certificate.