Anthropology Minor

Brittany and Erica look for artifacts MEASURING DEPTH, GATHERING DATA Two students measure the depth of an excavation unit dug at the Johnston site, a field school location near Blairsville, Pennsylvania.

Explore with a Minor in Anthropology

Anthropology combines nicely with many other fields of study. For example: our cross-cultural emphasis enhances the effectiveness of those in business, languages, or international studies; the discipline's efforts to understand the relationship between our biological heritage and culture complements majors in biology and psychology; the emphasis on non-western and traditional societies supplements the standard training in International Studies and the other social sciences.

To fulfill the requirements for a minor, students must complete 18 credits in Anthropology, including ANTH 110 and one core course (ANTH 211, ANTH 222, ANTH 233, or ANTH 244).

Follow these instructions to add an anthropology minor. Contact if you have any questions about an anthropology minor.