Minor in Management Information Systems

Emma Planitzer

"I graduated IUP in May 2019: MIS dual track major, marketing minor, also in the Cook Honors College. I joined AMIS as a second semester freshmen and found myself serving in almost every position, including president in my senior year. The network of students and faculty remains strong todaya unique aspect of our small department! Immediately after graduation, I started working at Dick's Sporting Goods as a business analyst, then one year later moved to an Assistant Global Sourcing and Product Development manager for Outerwear and Outdoor Apparel. Data is everywhere, and the world needs more people who can interpret it, gather it, and organize it."

Emma Planitzer '19, BS in MIS Dual Baccalaureate with Minor in Marketing of the Cook Honors College, Business Analyst at Dick's Sporting Goods

The departmentoffers a minor for students majoring in other business programs.

The minor program offers other business majors a technical enhancement to their area of interest, a necessity for today's business manager.


Required Courses: 12 credits

  • IFMG 210 - Intro to Front-End Business Apps (offered fall only)
  • IFMG 230 - Intro to Back-End Business Apps (offered spring only)
  • IFMG 300 - Information Systems: Theory and Practice
  • IFMG 390 - Database Theory and Practice (offered spring only)

Elective Courses: Six credit hours from any IFMG or QBUS courses except IFMG 101, IFMG 110, IFMG 201, and QBUS 215.