Undergraduates Present Research Proposals

Posted on 12/10/2008 2:10:38 PM

Several students enrolled in CHEM 301 (Introduction to Chemical Research) presented their research proposals in poster form on December 10 in Weyandt 236. The session, hosted by Dr. Anne Kondo of the Department of Chemistry, allowed faculty and students to visit with each participant and ask questions about the proposals. Many of the students will continue with their proposals and carry out research in CHEM 498 (Problems in Chemistry) in the coming semesters.

Participating in today’s session were:

  • Ms. Maura Barrett with “Finding DNA-Aptamers Against IMPDH Type II Enzyme via Ligand-Binding Isoelectric Focusig Electrophoresis”
  • Ms. Jennifer Beveridge with “The Effect of Iron from Acid Mind Contamination on the Uptake Rates of Semipermeable Membrane Devices”
  • Ms. Tori Corosu with “Synthesizing and Observing the Physiochemical Properties of Quaternary Diamond-like Oxides”
  • Ms. Amy Devlin with “The Effect of pH on Uptake Rates of Nonpolar Organics by Semipermeable Membrane Devices”