Jiang Publishes Review of Webinar on Teaching with Wikipedia

Posted on 12/7/2018 12:19:05 PM

Jialei Jiang, doctoral student in English Composition and Applied Linguistics, recently published "Teaching with Wikipedia: A Webinar on Critical Approaches to Wikipedia-based Writing Pedagogy." 

In this multimodal essay, Jiang reviews a recent webinar organized by the Wikipedia-based Education teaching circle at IUP. The webinar, which explored ways to cultivate students' critical literacy through Wikipedia-based assignments, was organized by Dr. Matthew Vetter (English Department) and featured a presentation from Samantha Weald, outreach manager for the Wiki Education Program. Following Samantha’s talk, teacher-participants—including doctoral students and teaching associates Oksana Moroz, Wenqi Cui, Jiawei Xing, Lara Hauer—shared their visions for developing and revising Wikipedia-based pedagogies.

Read the full review essay, which includes a recorded screencast video of the webinar, at the Digital Rhetoric Collaborative website

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