Geoscience Students Present at IUP Undergraduate Scholars Forum

Posted on 5/7/2018 1:05:31 PM

This year, nineteen Geoscience students presented at the IUP Scholars Forum on April 3 at the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex. These students presented posters on their ongoing independent research projects, along with more than 340 other undergraduate and graduate students. 

Two of the students were recognized by the local chapter of Sigma Xi for their work. Brennan Ferguson, who will graduate in 2018, received the first place award from Sigma Xi for his work with Dr. Jonathan Warnock. Aaron Seidel was honored with an honorable mention from Sigma Xi for his work with Dr. Gregory Mount

All of the Geoscience student presenters and the titles of their research projects:

  • Amy Clegg: “The Eastern Central Range of Taiwan: an Assessment of Metamorphic Foliations That Record Recent Exhumation”
  • Nicholas Bradley: “A Phase-1 Environmental Site Assessment of the Bryce Brothers Glass Factory in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania”
  • Brennan Ferguson: “Relating F. Kerguelensis Fragments to Original Valve Shape”
  • Erin Johnson: “Determining Factors Affecting Flow Rate from Legacy Wells in Indiana, Pennsylvania”
  • Nicole Kelley: “Resistivity Imaging of Preferential Flow Paths from Passive Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Systems in the Huff Run Watershed, Ohio”
  • Brock Kennedy: “Flow Rate Methodology With Respect to Legacy Wells in Indiana County”
  • Drake Kutkat-Tonkin: “Lateral Ramps and Seismicity within the Valley and Ridge of the Central Appalachians”
  • Nicole Lees: “Determining the Paleogeographical Origin of the Allosaurus Fragalis from within the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry (Price, Utah) Using Biogenic Apatite δ18O Values”
  • Jillian Mathews: “Impacts of Urban Environments on Marsh Run”
  • Caleb McCombie: “Climate Driven, Differentiated Uplift in the Central Range of Taiwan, Hualien County”
  • Ryan O’Donnell: “In-Situ Calcite Growth on Shales: Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Re-fracturing and Sequestration”
  • Nicholas Payne: “Marsh Run Indiana Pa. Flash Flooding”
  • Justin Petricko: “Elemental Composition Analysis of the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry Identifying Diagenetic & Bio-accumulate Sedimentation Processes Associated with Bone Deposition”
  • Nicholas Santoro: “Examining Conductivity and Subsurface Heavy Metal Concentrations within Western Pennsylvania Through the Use of Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy and Aerial Photography”
  • Aaron Seidel: “Using Ground Penetrating Radar and a Complex Refractive Index Model to Estimate Methane Flux in Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Sites in Western Pennsylvania”
  • Garrett Sharp: “Assessing the Impact of AMD Chemistry on Algal Communities”
  • Tyler Sharretts: “Multi-dimensional Characterization of Seasonal Critical Zone Architecture”
  • Courtney Sullivan: “Phase 1 Investigation of Indiana University of Pennsylvania Rain Garden”
  • Kyler Yingling: “Galilean Orbital Resonance and Europa-Io-Storm Related Positions”