Sorrell Presents on “The Shining”

Posted on 4/18/2018 8:25:36 AM

Peter Sorrell (English) presented the paper “‘This Old Place Has Had an Illustrious Past’: Making ‘The Shining’ New Again” at the annual meeting of the Northeastern Modern Language Association on the panel New Approaches to Old Media. In this paper, he discussed changing student attitudes towards critical and creative thinking in relation to the New Media paradigm.

The assignment involves a sequenced series of tasks that culminates in the development of an original theory on the part of the student regarding the “true meaning” of Stanley Kubrick’s canonical horror movie The Shining after an evaluation of the conspiracy theories presented in the documentary about The Shining, Room 237. Sorrell analyzed how the assignment and student responses to it had evolved over the course of the past five semesters, concluding that trends to both the Old and New media experience were apparent.

Department of English