Downing Publishes Essay on Saving the Humanities

Posted on 9/12/2017 1:43:35 PM

David Downing, English Department, published an essay, “Higher Education and the Crisis of Care,” in the international online journal Humanities.

This article appeared in a special issue, “Saving the Humanities from the Neoliberal University.” Access “Higher Education and the Crisis of Care” online.


This essay situates the fate of the humanities within the broad perspective of the geopolitical economy of neoliberal capitalism. This article adapts Nancy Fraser’s historical analysis of the three phases of the “crisis of care” to understand our latest phase (1975–2017) of the capitalist world system. With respect to higher education, the shift towards privatization has had devastating effects, especially for the humanities and social sciences. By reconsidering the public and social benefits of higher education, we can restore the educational core of the humanities.

Department of English