Kaniasty and International Colleagues Published on Distress and Prejudice Following Terror Attacks

Posted on 5/1/2017 4:40:40 PM

Psychology's Krys Kaniasty was a member of a team of trauma researchers, led by Professor Robin Goodwin of Warwick University in Coventry, U.K., that published a paper titled “Psychological distress and prejudice following terror attacks in France” in the Journal of Psychiatric Research (vol. 91, pp. 111-115, 2017).

France suffered two major terrorist attacks during 2015, both attributed to Islamist groups. Two panel surveys four weeks after the Charlie Hebdo attack (N = 1981) and the Bataclan concert hall/restaurant attacks (N = 1878), assessed intrinsic religiosity, social and traditional media use, psychological distress, posttraumatic stress symptoms, symbolic racism, and willingness to interact with Muslims by non-Muslims. In structural equation analyses, gender, age, geographic proximity to the event, media use, and religiosity were associated with distress. Distress was then associated with racism symbolism and willingness to interact with Muslims. Implications are considered for managing psychological trauma across populations, and protecting inter-group harmony.

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