New Learning Community at Punxsutawney Campus

Posted on 9/22/2016 7:38:16 AM

On September 19, 2016, the first meeting of the newly formed IUP Punxsutawney learning community, Punxsy Keys, was held. The community was created to support students at the regional campus in the development of skills frequently associated with student success.

Professors Luke Faust (Developmental Studies), Lynn Shelly (English), Carrie Bishop (IUP Libraries), and Theresa Ruffner (Psychology) are collaborating to create and implement the program which will consist of a series of six workshops covering topics such as open-mindedness, grit, civility, active learning, and smart decisions. The workshops have been developed within a growth mindset framework, emphasizing that intelligence is changeable and can grow through education and hard work.

In between the workshops, students will keep a record of how they have used the skills discussed and report back to the larger group their success in utilizing them.

The learning community is the outcome of an interdisciplinary teaching circle at the Punxsutawney campus.