International Business Student Association Visits NYC

Posted on 5/2/2016 8:37:04 AM

With the support of the Eberly College of Business, the International Business Association was able to plan a three-day business trip to New York City for 20 of its members. 

Members set out at the break of dawn to embark on an incredible journey to this global power city. Once the bus arrived in Manhattan, the members were introduced to two of IUP’s alumni, Zach Westenhoefer and Guilherme Aragao, who were invited by the club to join the members for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.

IBA Students Visit NYC April 2016Both alumni were extremely gracious and they gave the members great insight into their careers at Wall Street and their fascinating lives after graduation. They talked about their daily tasks and responsibilities in their current work fields. They explained how important communication and networking is in the business field, and gave members advice on how to build more connections and stand out in the business world. They also shared memories from their college life at IUP and their once-in-a-lifetime experiences studying abroad. They encouraged everyone to visit other countries, familiarize themselves with other languages and cultures, and build a broader understanding of the international aspects of a business field.

On the second day of the trip, members were given the opportunity to tour the United Nations Headquarters in the Turtle Bay neighborhood of Manhattan. The tour guide was extremely informative and started the tour off by discussing the countries represented by the U.N. and the significance behind some of the flags that represent these countries. She gave us an in-depth view on important topics around the world, such as poverty and armed conflict. The members were asked to follow the tour guide into various conference rooms in the building where many influential political figures have made appearances and given speeches. 

After the 45-minute tour ended, members left the building to visit the famous “MoMa”, the Museum of Modern Art, located in Midtown Manhattan. The museum is one of the nation’s largest facilities dedicated to contemporary art. Members were able to walk around and look at the various works of art painted and sculpted by some of the most notable artists in the world. 

Lastly, all the members had the chance to go sightseeing at Times Square, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and, of course, take pictures with the famous Charging Bull at Wall Street, which symbolizes New York’s thriving financial industry. Overall, it was an enjoyable and educational experience for all members and a great way for everyone to come together as a student organization and explore different possibilities in the business world.