Park Introduces World Englishes in Summer 2014

Posted on 2/6/2014 9:58:29 AM

In Summer 2014, Gloria Park (English) will introduce her new course, English 281: World Englishes: Understanding Language and Ideology around the Globe.

Course Description:

With Lippi-Green's (2012) English with an Accent as a starting point, this course focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to investigating how cultural and linguistic diversities around us impact the way we view the world and its people. As a result of global mobility and the focus on internationalization in relation to academic, professional, sociocultural, and political opportunities, there is an urgent need to recognize the intersection of language(s), ideology, and speakers around the world.

The course will survey published literature as well as current events/media to explore the following topics:

  • Changing Nature of Languages;
  • Myth of Non-Accent and Standard Language;
  • Language Subordination;
  • The Educational, Professional, and Judicial System (real people with real language);
  • Regional Dialects and Accents (Black language, Southern Belles, etc.); and
  • Case Studies (focusing on discriminatory issues of linguistic profiling, fair housing, job announcements around the world, etc.).

Department of English