World AIDS Day AWAREness Table at Stapleton Library

Posted on 11/27/2013 10:39:37 AM

AIDS RibbonWorld AIDS Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop spreading AWAREness!

According to the CDC, young people aged 13–29 accounted for 39 percent of all new HIV infections in 2009. HIV is another disease that does not discriminate.

Anyone can contract this disease, which is why it is important to be AWARE of how to protect yourself and prevent the spread of HIV. Visit the Health AWAREness table in Stapleton Library on Tuesday, December 3, 2013, from 1:00–4:00 p.m. for more information.

This event is sponsored by Health AWAREness, a part of the Center for Health and Well-Being. For more information on HIV/AIDS, visit the HIV/AIDS AWAREness page on the Health AWAREness website.