Center for Family Business “Understanding the Affordable Care Act” Event

Posted on 9/24/2013 9:03:00 AM

Center for Family Business ForumA total of 83 area business owners and human resources directors came to the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex for the Center for Family Business’s informational session “Understanding the Affordable Care Act” on September 10, 2013.

A formal presentation by Joe Reschini of the Reschini Group aimed to advise business owners to seek guidance from their health insurance professionals about the new act.

The mission of the Center for Family Business is to support family business owners through educational forums such as this one on succession, valuations, communication, leadership, and other areas of interest in a solicitation-free seminar or discussion with peers.

The goal of the event was to educate business owners about the changes in the national healthcare program and urge them to pursue help from professionals if needed.

“Business owners aren’t familiar with the complicated changes that are coming because of the Affordable Care Act,” Center for Family Business Director Ellen Ruddock said. “People are looking wherever they can for information to bring their company’s healthcare up to compliance with the new act.”

A question and answer session followed hosted by a panel of business leaders and insurance professionals, including Diamond Drugs HR Director Denise Gromley, Henry Hall Office Products owner Jeff Tobin, Clark Metal Products HR Director Ellen Starry, and client adviser Chuck Whitford of JRG Advisors.

The Center for Family Business plans to do a follow-up seminar in 2014 because the changes to the healthcare system are so broad and complex.

“There is a lot of fear out there amongst business owners who don’t have in-house human resources expertise,” Ruddock said. “These informational seminars hosted by professionals really help them get over those fears and plan for changes they have to make for their company in the future.”

Because this was the first time holding the event, a survey was done of the attendees. The responses were favorable, and the large majority of the business owners said that they would be interested in attending a follow-up seminar.

“We received very positive feedback,” Ruddock said. “Thanks to Joe and the panel, I am sure the business owners understood more of what the act is all about.” 

Aleda Johnson