Indiana Area High School Student Receives Research Award To Study At IUP

Posted on 8/2/2013 1:38:21 PM

Kylie Horvath conducting laboratory research at IUPKylie Horvath, rising senior at the Indiana Area High School, received the 2013 MaryAnne Stock Student Research Award from the Allegheny-Erie Chapter of the Society of Toxicology to conduct research under the mentorship of Tom Simmons, IUP professor of Biology.

This $1,000 competitive award is given annually by the A-E SOT to support a high school, undergraduate, or graduate student’s thesis, dissertation, or summer research project in toxicology.

Kylie is studying nitrite-induced methemoglobin formation in aquatic larvae of the midge Chironomus dilutus, a standard toxicity testing organism. Her research will provide insight into the role of hemoglobin in insects, the phylogenetic conservation of enzymatic and non-enzymatic mechanisms to maintain hemoglobin in the reduced oxygen-carrying state, and the utility of using C. dilutus as a model organism to study methemoglobinemia, a human disorder in which methemoglobin levels in blood are abnormally high due to genetic and environmental factors.

Kylie attended last year’s High School Student Visit and Tour hosted by IUP’s Women in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Program, and she is the third high school student to win this award and study in Simmons’ Environmental Health Science laboratory.

Department of Biology