Form to Report Unsatisfactory Supplier Performance of Services

Posted on 8/31/2011 4:35:00 PM

A new form has been developed, Report of Unsatisfactory Supplier Performance of Services, and is now posted in the Forms section on the IUP Procurement Services website.

The form was developed to provide our campus customers with a medium to report unsatisfactory performance by a supplier of contract services. This form provides the detailed documentation necessary to address issues with suppliers.

When completed, it is submitted by e-mail to Procurement Services personnel. The appropriate purchasing agent will address the issue with the supplier and, if necessary, notify Accounts Payable to withhold payment of invoices until the unsatisfactory performance is corrected by the supplier. The purchasing agent will, in addition to resolving the unsatisfactory performance with the supplier, notify the campus customer of the final resolution.

The reports will be retained by Procurement Services for three years.