How to Use Your IUP Network Username and Password

Note: Read before attending orientation.

IUP Network Username and Network Password Requirements for Registration

You will register for first-semester IUP courses as part of your orientation. The orientation activities will provide you with an opportunity to receive advice on what courses to select and instructions on how to use the university's registration system. Registration will occur through IUP's MyIUP portal. Materials already sent to you by the offices of Admissions and the Registrar refer to MyIUP. The materials also included important information for registering for classes: your four letter username and your network password.

Please bring the letter that provided you with this information with you to orientation.

If you haven't already activated your network account and signed onto MyIUP before orientation, here's how to do it:

Step 1: Activate your IUP network account:

  1. Visit the iaccounts' network activation page.
  2. Enter your numerical User ID, date of birth, and initial PIN and click Verify . Note: Be sure to include the @ symbol prior to your User ID number. You can request a new PIN online if needed, and you can e-mail Admissions at if you don't know your numerical User ID.
  3. Your IUP computing account information will display. It is important that you remember your four character "IUP network account username." You will use this to sign in to MyIUP and your e-mail account.
  4. Follow the prompts to continue setting up your account.
  5. Make note of your IUP network password for continued use.

Step 2: Sign in to MyIUP and reset your e-mail password:

  1. Visit MyIUP.
  2. Sign in with your four character "IUP network account username" and the password that you set during the account activation process.
  3. Click the Personal Info page link.
  4. Under the Personal Information section, click Password reset options .
  5. After the page displays, check the checkbox beside E-mail . Note: For security purposes, your e-mail account is separate from your IUP network account and has its own password.
  6. Click Set Selected Passwords .
  7. Follow the prompts to change your e-mail password.
  8. After seeing the " password successfully changed " message, close the page to return to MyIUP.
  9. Click on the Home link.
  10. Click imail (top right corner of page, under Quick Links .)
  11. Sign in with your four character "IUP network account username" and the e-mail password that you just set.