Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects Guidelines

  • IRBManager
    A web-based system designed specifically for the Institutional Review Board review process, all the way from submission to approval letters.
    Copyright Information
    Links to copyright instructions and regulations
    Model Protocols and Consent Forms
    Sample protocols to be used as reference materials for investigators
    Definitions and Abbreviations
    Definitions of commonly used terms in the IRB process are provided.
    Statement of General Principles
    IUP's assurance of compliance with Department of Health and Human Services regulations for the Protection of Human Research Subjects
    IUP Statement of Individual Research Ethics
    The principles listed are intended to explicate the investigator's ethical responsibilities toward human subjects in research.
    IRB Membership
    Appointments to the IRB shall be made by the president on recommendation from the assistant dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research.
    IRB Responsibilities
    This summarizes the work of IUP's Institutional Review Board.
    Expedited Review
    Categories of research which may qualify for expedited review are listed.
    Details are provided for studies which may require only an initial review and are exempt from ongoing review.