Records pertaining to individual accidents, injury and illness must be kept on file in both the Human Resource Department and the Public Safety Office. These records are available to other agencies. The records are also used to compile statistics.


A record of minutes must be maintained for each monthly safety meeting. The minutes must contain the names of those employees who attended the safety meeting. A copy of the minutes must be sent to the Public Safety Office.

An accident report must be completed for each accident along with the accident investigation report. The accident report must be sent to the Human Resource Department, who will in turn send a copy to the Public safety Office. The accident investigation report must be sent to the Public Safety office. Both of these reports must be completed and forwarded to the proper office no later than the day following the accident.

Safety Committees

The University Safety Committee must maintain minutes for each meeting. The minutes must show the members who attended the meeting and those members who did not attend. All members of the committee, along with all supervisors, will receive a copy of the minutes each month.

University Environmental Health and Safety Office

Maintain all records including but not limited to, training, inspections, accident reports, accident investigation reports, and minutes from safety meeting, both University Safety Committee and supervisors' monthly safety meetings. Retain all records from all environmental inspections and testing results. Produce and maintain monthly accident statistics. Maintain all safety reports that are produced by the department.

Human Resources

Maintain all workers' compensation records, Employer's Report of Occupational injury or disease. Maintain new employee orientation documents.