Initially, accidents are investigated by the employee's supervisor. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety conducts investigations in response to all reported accidents. All accidents, regardless if they are lost time or non-lost time, are reviewed at monthly University Safety Committee meetings.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Render assistance to the injured worker(s) as appropriate, making sure that the accident area is safe to enter.
  • Work with emergency services if they are required.
  • Make sure the accident area is safe to enter. If not, proceed to take all measures to place that area back into a safe area to occupy.
  • Complete the Employee Injury/Illness Incident Report. The injured employee should be a vital part of the accident investigation. If questioned properly, the injured employee should be able to provide information that will allow the supervisor to make a more accurate assessment of the accident and therefore be able to recommend strategies to prevent that type of accident from taking place in the future.
  • The accident report must be sent to the Office of Human Resources on the same day of the accident if possible.
  • Employees who do not follow safety procedures and perform unsafe acts would fall under the five-step progressive discipline policy administered by the employee's supervisor and/or the Human Resource Department.

Employee Responsibility

  • Do not intervene at the accident site unless you are sure that you are not placing your own safety in jeopardy.
  • Call the supervisor as quickly as possible.
  • Provide the supervisor with as much information as possible relating to the accident.