A hearing conservation plan has been developed in conjunction with the Special Education Department on the University Campus

Sound levels in the S. W. Jack Cogeneration Plant are above 85 decibels. As a result:

  • All employees working in that plant must wear hearing protection at all times.
  • All employees working in the plan are scheduled on a yearly basis to have their hearing evaluated at the Special Education Department at the University.
  • Situational testing will be performed as requested.
  • Employees who show significant shifts in hearing levels will be tested three times a year.
  • Employees who show a significant change during the situational or annual testing will be called back for a complete evaluation.
  • Alterations in job assignments will be made if needed.

Sound testing, both personal and building area, takes place in the S. W. Jack Cogeneration Plant on a regular basis. This testing is done in efforts to find ways to reduce decibel sound levels where possible.