The Accident and Illness Prevention Program is designed to identify and correct potential accidents and unsafe acts which may take place on our campus.

Emergency Plan

University Police have provided information regarding what to do in an emergency.

Appendices: Accident and Illness Prevention Policy

List of downloadable files from the Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Facilities Management Safety Manual

This manual is part of the Accident and Illness Prevention Program and is kept with the program.  Because of its length, only the table of contents has been included in this document.  This can be found in the appendices.

Contractor Job Safety

Indiana University of Pennsylvania expects all outside contractors working on its campus to conduct all work consistent with all safety regulations  

Substance Abuse AwarenessPrevention Information

New employees are given a copy of the Drug Free Workplace Brochure and the Drug Free Workplace Policy 

Hearing Conservation

A hearing conservation plan has been developed in conjunction with the Special Education Department on the University Campus 

Industrial Health Services

Internal and external medical services are provided to evaluate the following Hearing Conservation Screening Employee Injury Treatment and Case Management Pre Placement Physicals in Some Areas Educational Seminars Wellness Programs Employee Assistance Programs Fit for Duty Return to Work Evaluations

Industrial Hygiene Survey

Industrial Hygiene Surveys will be performed when required by regulatory agencies 

Hazardous Waste

All hazardous waste is stored in the chemical storage room located in the Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics building 

Fire Prevention

Fire safety and prevention on the IUP campus


The Environmental Health and Safety Office conducts safety inspections within all buildings on our campus.

Program Evaluation

In order to determine if our safety program is working or not, evaluation measurements need to be established 

Record Keeping

Records pertaining to individual accidents, injury and illness must be kept on file in both the Human Resource Department and the Public Safety Office 

Accident Prevention Training

The university provides various types of training to address work place safety and environmental hazards.

Accident Investigation

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety conducts investigations in response to all accidents, regardless if the accident is lost time or non-lost time.

Human Resources Public Safety Department Environmental Health and Safety

The Human Resource Department provides information and brochures relating to safety during the new employee orientation process 

Employee Responsibility

Employees who are trained properly, can follow safety policies/procedures, practice safe work habits and report unsafe conditions to prevent accidents 

Communication and Awareness

A safety and health plan is only as good as the communication and training that must take place throughout the University to bring the plan into reality 

Responsible Parties

The following parties are responsible for the implementation of the Accident and Illness Safety Program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania 


The University applies OSHA guidelines, along with legislative and various regulatory agencies to all safety practices and policies when addressing safety issues on campus 


It is the policy of Indiana University of Pennsylvania to continuously maximize efforts to protect all students, faculty, staff, and visitors from accidents and diseases that would cause pain and suffering.