It is the policy of Indiana University of Pennsylvania to continuously maximize efforts to protect all students, faculty, staff, and visitors from accidents and diseases that would cause pain and suffering.

Objectives include:

  1. Complying with all federal, state, local, and State System standards and regulations
  2. Developing and maintaining an environment that provides safe and healthy working conditions for employees and safe operations of facilities, equipment, and handling products
  3. Reducing incident rates by maintaining safe and healthy conditions and standards
  4. Reducing property losses
  5. Administering training programs that increase awareness of safety and health on a regular basis
  6. Providing the necessary focus on the importance of health and safety programs in the workplace
  7. Reducing the pain, suffering, and associated costs of employee injuries and illness
  8. Reducing workers' compensation costs

The university also recognizes that accidents do take place at home and that accidents have the potential to affect employees' attendance. With this recognition, the university provides training to help prevent or minimize accidents that could take place while off the job.

Employees are encouraged each day to think and practice safe work habits while on the job. Supervisors conduct monthly safety meetings with employees in all crafts.