All hazardous waste is stored in the chemical storage room located in the Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics building. This room is under the control of a faculty member in that college. This room is locked 24/7 and alarmed. The faculty member who controls the room has one key, and has assigned only two other non-duplicable keys to faculty members in that college.

Any hazardous waste that may need disposal from another part of the campus is moved to the chemical storage room for disposition. The movement of this waste is coordinated between the Office of Public Safety and the coordinator of the chemical storage room.

At times there may be a need for maintenance personnel to go into the chemical storage room to work. The Coordinator of the chemical storage room has developed a training manual and provided training to the maintenance personnel who may have to work in that room. Training has also been completed by the University Police Officers. See appendices for a copy of that manual.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania has entered into a hazardous waste removal contract along with other SSHE system universities. Waste is removed from the campus on a quarterly basis.

The Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics has developed an extensive Chemical Hygiene Plan. Because of its length, it has not been incorporated into this document. The plan is kept with this document for reference when needed.The table of contents page has been incorporated into the appendices.

Appendices (C) contains a Hazardous Products Handling Procedure.