Environmental Health and Safety

  • The Environmental Health and Safety Department is committed to providing quality services to the university campus community while supporting the collective effort to provide a safe environment in which to work, teach, and learn.

    We are dedicated to assisting in the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of physical and health hazards in the Indiana University of Pennsylvania educational and work environment.

    • Minimize health and safety risk to university employees, students, and the general public
    • Encourage appropriate environment, health, and safety practices
    • Monitor compliance with federal, state, and local environment, health, and safety regulations
    • Minimize liability to the university
    • Investigate accidents and incidents
    • Instill safe work practices
  • Recycling
    IUP recycling guidelines: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    Nuclear Power Plant Emergencies
    Because the Northpointe campus is approximately 35 miles from a nuclear power plant, the university must be prepared to deal with a release of nuclear material into the environment.
    Material Data Safety Sheet Resources
    Information on Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDSs) used to convey hazard information
    Fire Prevention
    Fire safety and prevention on the IUP campus
    EHS Confined Space Entry Permit Form
    This permit is to be kept at the job site. Copies available to Safety Office, Unit Supervisor and Unit Manager after job completion.
    Confined Space Emergency Rescue Procedure
    Procedure is designed to safely remove injured employees from a confined space with little or no risk to other employees
    Anthrax or Suspected Biological Incident
    What to do and whom to contact.
    Accident Prevention Training
    The university provides various types of training to address work place safety and environmental hazards.
    Accident Investigation
    The Office of Environmental Health and Safety conducts investigations in response to all accidents, regardless if the accident is lost time or non-lost time.
    Accident and Illness Prevention Program
    The Accident and Illness Prevention Program is designed to identify and correct potential accidents and unsafe acts which may take place on our campus.