Job Safety Assessment is simply a procedure used to review job methods and uncover hazards that may have been overlooked in the layout of the plant or building and in the design of the machinery, equipment, tools, work stations, and processes, or that may have developed after production started, or that resulted from changes in work procedures or personnel. It's one of the first steps in hazard and accident analysis and in safety training.

Supervisors can use the findings of a job hazard analysis to eliminate and prevent hazards in their workplaces. This is likely to result in fewer worker injuries and illnesses; safer, more effective work methods; reduced workers' compensation costs; and increased worker productivity. The analysis also can be a valuable tool for training new employees in the steps required to perform their jobs safely.

For a job hazard analysis to be effective, management must demonstrate its commitment to safety and health and follow through to correct any uncontrolled hazards identified. Otherwise, management will lose credibility and employees may hesitate to go to management when dangerous conditions threaten them.

Asbestos Awareness

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety coordinates all asbestos-related activities on campus.

Contractor Job Safety

Indiana University of Pennsylvania expects all outside contractors working on its campus to conduct all work consistent with all safety regulations  

Hearing Conservation

A hearing conservation plan has been developed in conjunction with the Special Education Department on the University Campus 


The Environmental Health and Safety Office conducts safety inspections within all buildings on our campus.

Record Keeping

Records pertaining to individual accidents, injury and illness must be kept on file in both the Human Resource Department and the Public Safety Office 

Human Resources Public Safety Department Environmental Health and Safety

The Human Resource Department provides information and brochures relating to safety during the new employee orientation process 

Responsible Parties

The following parties are responsible for the implementation of the Accident and Illness Safety Program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania 

Facilities Management Safety Manual


Building Inspection Form


Areas Requiring Personal Protective Equipment

    This guide shows you the required Personal Protective Equipment requirements