2019-20 Donor Reports

Donor Report Cover

Your Gifts Mean so Much

I'm sure all of us at some point have questioned whether some of our philanthropic gifts actually make an impact. It's an easy road to travel down. I've done it myself. But in these pages, you'll get a clear picture of how we do things here at IUPeven nowadays in the middle of a pandemic. We've taken the gifts you have given as members of the IUP family and worked hard to make sure they are used to help many people in many ways.

Take a look, and you'll see how members of the IUP family have stepped up to help students with immediate financial needs, how they've paid back veterans by helping them get an education, how they have passed on their love of learning, and how they have accelerated our ongoing efforts to eradicate racism on campus through our diversity, inclusion, and equity work.

Your gifts in the past year have helped ensure that IUP continues on its mission to change the world, one graduate
at a time, even in these trying times that have rearranged our lives in countless ways.

You'll see that your investments in IUP have made a very real impact. Your time, dedication, and love for IUP have made an indelible mark on the university, its people, and its legacy. On behalf of IUP, thank you.

Michael Driscoll