This video tour highlights the equipment available inside the James G. Mill Center for Health and Fitness in Zink Hall at IUP. There is a full line of cardio equipment, including ellipticals, AMTs, treadmills, recumbent bikes, Airdyne bikes, and spinning bikes, as well as a variety of strength equipment that includes two full-body circuits of resistance machines, free weights, and various other accessories.

This is the place where you can experience IUP and fitness at its best with opportunities to personal train and take fitness classes with exercise science students, have your needs heard and catered to by staff, and have the support from a team of IUP professionals at hand.

George Bieger

Fitness center member George Bieger, a faculty member in IUP's Department of Professional Studies in Education, feels coming to the James G. Mill Fitness Center is one of the best things he does for himself throughout the week. He appreciates the hours, the variety of equipment, and cleanliness of the facility. He also enjoys the opportunity each spring to work with an Exercise Science major personal training student. George recommends checking out the fitness center for many reasons and to help New Year's Resolutions become successful.

Jessica Crawford

Six-year fitness center member Jessica Crawford, a staff member of IUP's Criminal Justice Training Center, loves working out regularly throughout the week. She enjoys the friendliness, helpfulness, and professionalism of the staff as well as interacting with other members of the James G. Mill Fitness Center. She enjoys using a variety of equipment, including running on the treadmills and using the kettlebells, yoga mats, and aerobics room.

Gloria Shepler

Three-year member Gloria Shepler works out in IUP's James G. Mill Fitness Center Monday through Saturday. She has enjoyed getting to work with Exercise Science major personal training students over the past few years, and feels it's a great opportunity to learn new workouts. She also enjoys seeing staff each day and socializing with other members. She feels there are numerous health benefits she has gained from being active in the fitness center, especially in helping her become strong enough to shovel snow in the winter.

Joan Lockhart

Joan Lockhart enjoys working out at the James G. Mill Fitness Center at IUP Monday through Saturday mornings. She feels this is her free time when she gets to do what she likes to dotake care of her health and body. She enjoys working out with her friends, having a clean facility and clean equipment, and being able to start her day this way every morning.

Al Novels

Fifteen-year member Al Novels feels the James G. Mill Fitness Center at IUP is the best kept secret in Indiana County. He likes the variety of equipment, the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff, and being able to catch a break in the middle of the day by working out. He highly recommends the fitness center to anyone, especially those not currently active, to provide them with an outlet from the middle of a busy or long day.

Nicholas Yacchup

Five-year fitness center member Nicholas Yacchup learned about the James G. Mill Fitness Center through his wife, a staff member at IUP. He feels the variety of equipment is just right, the staff and other members are pleasant to be around, the evening hours are convenient, and that this is one of Indiana County's best-kept secrets.

Joe Sgriccia

This interview between fitness center member Joe Sgriccia and manager Chrissi Steele reveals the many benefits to becoming a member of the James G. Mill Fitness Center at IUP. He can relate to it sometimes being difficult to make the effort to get in a vehicle to workout, but feels it's always a reward once he arrives to his workout.

His favorite workout is using the ropes because there is a wide variety of exercises you can do using them, which he learned from an Exercise Science major personal training student. He also enjoys the challenges the fitness center puts on each year to motivate and switch up his workout routines. He feels others should check out the facility because there is a variety of equipment and it has a calm and friendly atmosphere.

Shawn Rause

Sport Administration intern Shawn Rause is very appreciative of the opportunity he was given to complete his preprofessional experience in the James G. Mill Fitness Center at IUP. He feels he has gained a lot of experience that will help him if he ever chooses to manage a fitness facility, including helping members with memberships, taking care of equipment, and preventing safety issues.

Brooke McDaniel

Assistant Manager Brooke McDaniel feels that being a graduate student involves a lot of time management skills and provides endless opportunities to develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Brooke enjoyed interacting with and helping various types and ages of members of the James G. Mill Fitness Center at IUP each day. Some of the responsibilities she highlights are cleaning, managing, and communicating with other staff and members of the facility.

John Simpson

Sport Administration intern John Simpson chose to complete his preprofessional experience in the James G. Mill Fitness Center at IUP because it was convenient and because he hopes to someday manage or own his own fitness center. He feels he has learned a lot of what is involved in running a fitness facility and has improved his skills professionally through the experience.

Christina Steele

Manager Christina Steele feels the greatest aspect of the experience was having the support of IUP professors and members of the James G. Mill Fitness Center while she was able to step out and test her skills and try new ideas. Some of her responsibilities included organizing and developing effective procedures and training staff to ensure the facility ran smoothly and members were content.

The most difficult part of the experience was managing time between running the fitness center, completing academic work, and conducting a research study for her thesis. Overall, she feels the experience has helped her establish many personal and professional connections and will open doors for her in the future.