Director, Staff Team, and Employment Information

Meet our team of professional and dedicated staff members who are all current students enrolled in academic programs of study at IUP. Please let us know how we can help in your quest for health and fitness.

Each year in August, a new management team steps in to begin their professional journey in the fitness center. These individuals are also graduate students earning their master's degrees from the Kinesiology, Health, and Sports Science Department. They are pursuing degrees with concentrations either in Sport Management, Exercise Science, or Sport Studies.

In addition to a new management team each academic year, the fitness center is staffed with interns and student workers.

Each semester, towards the end of August and January, you will see the new faces of undergraduate students pursuing Sport Administration degrees completing their internship experiences in the fitness center.

There are also student workers with various backgrounds and interests who add to our staff in a variety of ways as fitness instructors, personal trainers, or fitness and membership attendants. Please welcome new faces, and don't be afraid to ask questions as we get to know you!


Dr. Richard Hsiao Richard Hsiao, PhD, MBA, MS

Coordinator, MS in Sport Management and MS in Sport
Director, James G. Mill Center for Health and Fitness
Department of Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Science
Zink Hall 115
Telephone: 724-357-0123

Staff Team

Graduate Assistants


Breeann Sheaffer

Breeann Sheaffer: Facility Manager

Hometown: Middleburg, PA (Home of the Middleswarth Chips!)

Master's Program: Sports Management

Background Info: I graduated with a BA in Sports Management with a minor in Coaching from Wilson College. During my time at Wilson, I played field hockey, participated in many athletic clubs, and worked for the athletic department.

Future Plans: Hopefully take a job in Port Angeles, Washington with the Lefties baseball team as their General Manager.

Interesting Fact: I used to compete in the rodeo, which I started riding at age 5.

Karolin K.

Karolin Kirchtag: Facility Manager

Hometown: Salzburg, Austria (which is in the middle of Europe)

Master's Program: Sports Studies

Background Info: I came to the United States for my BA. In my Junior year of college, I transferred to IUP. I finished my degree in Sports Administration in May 2022. The main reason that brought me to the US is to play collegiate tennis. This is my last year of eligibility, and I want to make the most of it. 

Future Plans: I would love to work for FC Red Bull Salzburg since the team is stationed in my hometown. I really would like to organize sports events and keep traveling. 

Interesting Fact: I’ve been one of the best female soccer players (under 12) in my state, but then decided to stick with tennis.

Naouyki Y.

Naoyuki Yamashiro: Assistant Manager

Hometown: Kanagawa, Japan

Master's Program: Sports Management

Background Info: I received my bachelor's degree in Sport and Health from Hosei University in Tokyo, Japan. I mainly studied Kinesiology. I worked as a personal stretching trainer for three years in Japan.  

Future Plans: I would like to work as the manager of a fitness center in the United States. Finally, I would like to go back to Japan and work in a fitness center.

Interesting Fact: I love Japanese food, so I've brought Japanese seasonings from my country. I cook Japanese food daily. 

Ashley Renzi

Ashley Renzi: Assistant Manager

Hometown: Warrenton, Virginia

Master's Program: Sport Management

Background Info: Received my bachelor's degree in Sports Management at IUP with a minor in Marketing.

Future Plans: To work for a professional team through sports marketing and/or event management.

Interesting Fact: My favorite food is chicken tenders.

Nicolas Lancaster

Nicolas Lancaster: Assistant Manager

Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland

Master's Program: Sports Management

Background Info: I graduated with a BA in Communications with a self-made minor in Sports Management from Seton Hill University. I played collegiate soccer at Seton Hill for all 4 years. 

Future Plans: I hope to start coaching collegiate soccer after I finish my master's program. Also, I want to work for a professional team in some capacity.

Interesting Fact: I'm currently on the coaching staff for the IUP Women's Soccer team. 

Ryan Cannon

Ryan Cannon: Student Worker

Hometown: Hatboro, PA 

Undergraduate Program: Exercise Science

Future Plans: I hope to go to PT school after I graduate and obtain my doctorate in physical therapy. I also want to move down south to either South Carolina or Florida, so hopefully, that is where I attend PT school.

Interesting Fact: I lived with my best friend at North Wildwood the entire summer.

Devon BrowneDevon Browne: Student Worker

Hometown: Kingstown, St. Vincent, and The Grenadines

Master's Program: Sport Studies

Background Info: For my undergrad, I attended Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas; where I studied Psychology.

Future Plans: I would love to start a soccer academy.

Interesting Fact: I live on an island with an active volcano (La Soufriere). 



Employment or Internships at the Fitness Center

Are you interested in making some extra money while gaining valuable experience in the field of exercise and fitness? If you are dedicated, professional, and willing to put our members first, then we might be looking for you!

Fitness and membership attendants are typically student workers and can be from any academic field. Between two and four student workers are needed yearly. Staff may be required to be available during winter and/or summer breaks. Typically between one and two personal trainers and group fitness instructors are needed yearly and must have junior or senior status in IUP's Exercise Science program. Positions may or may not be available throughout the year.

Applications will be accepted at any time by downloading and completing an Employee Application Form, attaching your resume, and delivering your information to the fitness center or mailbox outside of Room 114. If workers are not currently needed and the applicant will be available during the following term, their application will be kept on file for consideration during the next term.

Interns, please complete an Intern Application Form, submit your resume, and deliver your information to the mailbox outside of Room 114 or email your packet to Richard Hsiao at Interns should apply no later than two months before the semester during which they wish to complete their internship. Interns must have their internship approved by their internship adviser no later than one month before the conclusion of the semester that precedes the prospective internship period (e.g., an internship for fall must be approved no later than the end of March).

Positions that may be available along with their descriptions and requirements include:

Fitness and Membership Attendant

Group Fitness Instructor