Spanish Course Assessment Site

This website contains important information for departmental faculty, students, and accrediting agencies regarding the assessment system that is in place for each of our Spanish courses.

Specifically, the website includes the following for each course:

  1. Performance-based objectivesi.e., what knowledge students will be able to demonstrate and what skills they will be able to perform by the end of each course
  2. Student Outcomes Assessment Matrix, which illustrates:
    • the relationship between course objectives and the ACTFL/CAEP Program Standards and IUP Spanish Education Program Competencies
    • the types of assessments that verify attainment of each course objective - One assessment that appears in bold has been identified as the "key assessment" for the course. Our department uses student performance data from these key assessments for each semester for program assessment purposes and the writing of program accreditation reports.
  3. A scoring rubric for each key assessment that describes student performance in terms of four levels of performance: Exceeds, Acceptable-High, Acceptable-Low, Unacceptable - Information regarding conversion of rubric scores to percentages is also included.

Assessment is a dynamic process, and the results inform and often change instructional practices and course design (i.e., objectives and assessments). This website will be updated on a regular basis to reflect these changes.

View the course assessment documents and sample assessment videos on the LiveText page. To do this, follow the directions below:

  • Go to
  • Click the Visitor Pass link
  • Enter the following Visitor Pass code: 4B88DDDE
  • Click the Visitor Pass Entry button
  • Click the "Spanish Exhibit Room" link to access the information