The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars

  • Washington, DC Capitol Building For more than 35 years, the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars (TWC) has helped more than 50,000 students from around the world gain valuable experience and set them on a course of achievement, leadership, and engagement in their communities.

    In a recent survey, 98 percent of TWC interns said the program significantly strengthened their career prospects.

    TWC alumni are leaders in virtually every field—public service, journalism, business, law, medicine, education, and more.

    The IUP Career and Professional Development Center, in cooperation with TWC, offers internships in Washington, D.C., a city unique in its status as our nation’s capital. As the epicenter of American government, Washington is a natural setting for political study. Beyond the political and government realm, however, Washington is also home to hundreds of major corporations, nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, and agencies.

    Students who participated in TWC recently were extremely pleased with their experiences:

    “The Washington Center has made me more of a professional going out than how I was going in. They have taught me to be excellent with my area of interest with the career that I am trying to pursue for after I graduate from my college. If I had to do all over again, I would definitely choose the Washington Center to do an internship again.”
    Steven Finn, Communications Media ’19

    “Being at the Washington Center made me realize what it is really like in the real world, both the good and the bad. There are some things you're not going to like to get to where you want to be, so its best to learn now so that you can be prepared for the future. Thats what TWC gave me, which was to be prepared and also strategies to take to be more professional in the industry. It also taught me to be culturally rounded in my environment and to adapt quickly, because thats what you need in the real world. It was a great experience at TWC, and Id advise anyone who wants to step up to their profession to take this chance as much as you can.”
    Fernando DeLaCruz, Art 18 

    “The Washington Center equipped me with the skills I need for my career. TWC was just the opportunity I needed to be able to make decisions about my careers future. More than the professional aspect of it, TWC helped me make friends for life.”
    Fiona Kalu, Criminology 18

    “I absolutely loved every minute of being in D.C. The Washington Center has so many fun and educational activities and groups you can join while you are there. The internship experience I had helped me determine what career path I want to take after graduation. It was an experience I won’t forget!”
    —Brooke C. Stanford, Finance and Legal Studies ’18

    “My time with the Washington Center was truly a transformational experience that encouraged professional achievement, leadership, and civic engagement. Living in D.C. this summer provided a unique route for personal and professional development. I was able to work under leaders in their field at my internship, as well as dive headfirst into research and advocacy in the city where it arguably matters the most.”
    —Kayla Good, Economics ’18

    “Interning with the Washington Center has been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve always wanted to live in D.C. but didn’t know how to go about moving there or establishing myself. Now, after visiting so many important news organizations, media companies, and making new connections, I know that if I return I will already have an established network. Interning with Double R Productions allowed me to learn not only about the world of communications, but also more about myself and the things that I’m good at. TWC has definitely pushed me to branch out of my comfort zone and better myself as a young professional.”
    —Rachel Doig, Communications Media ’17

    “My time in the District has been eye-opening for me. Growing up in a rural area in Western Pennsylvania, I never had the opportunity to thrive in a metropolitan area before. Whether you want to make friends with common interests, network professionally, enjoy nightlife, or experience some of the well-renowned restaurants in the area, the District of Columbia is a great choice to become acquainted with.”
    —Joe Zulick, Communications Media ’16

    “My TWC experience as a whole confirmed my career path aspirations, and I now have a better picture of what my future will look like. My internship taught me the ins and outs of the business world and gained a newfound confidence that I credit to TWC. I’m very thankful that the experience allowed me to grow as a professional, but, more importantly, made me into a more well-rounded person.”
    —Karen Sadaka, Management ’16

    Learn more about the center and the IUP registration process from Kelsey Thompson, coordinator, by calling 724-357-2235.       

    All Washington Center applications and accompanying documents must be reviewed and approved by Kelsey Thompson prior to submission to the Washington Center. Online applications will not be approved without prior review of all materials by the IUP liaison.