Total Transfer Day

  • A student discussing options with other individuals
  • Monday, June 1, 2020
    Monday, June 22, 2020

  • Get personalized, one-on-one guidance that takes you through the transfer application process in one day!

  • Set up an individual appointment with one of our transfer counselors. We’ll show you how the classes you’ve taken will transfer and how seamless your transition to one of IUP’s strong academic majors can be. Have questions? We have answers. We’ll help make IUP your smooth, new path to your degree.

    What You Get on Total Transfer Day

    • Personalized information and guidance
    • Your credit evaluation to transfer your classes (if you submit all college transcripts)
    • Your admission decision (if you submit your application, college transcripts, and high school transcripts)
    • A campus tour with other transfer students