Benefits of Dual Enrollment

  • Unsure whether or not the dual enrollment program is right for you? As a high school student, you are going to be faced with a lot of difficult decisions concerning your education, but enrolling in the dual enrollment program at IUP does not have to be one of them. There are several benefits to enrolling in the program.

    • You can get ahead and earn college credit before you start college
    • You'll receive a 75 percent discount rate on tuition for those courses
    • You get to experience IUP as a student; try us out-we think you'll enjoy it and hopefully want to stay!
    • Courses are taught by IUP faculty
    • Faculty do not know that you are a high school student; you are on the class roster just like a regular college student
    • Experience the rigor of a college course
    Female student at a computer in class