Admitted Students

  • Plans for Fall 2020

    Congratulations, you’re admitted!

    By admitting you, we’re making a commitment to you. It's a commitment that can open doors and take you far.

    Make it official and commit to IUP. Accept your offer and pay your tuition deposit to secure your spot, and get ready to love your college experience!


    Want to check out a few things first?

    We understand. The options below are popular picks for admitted students just like you. We’re confident that the more you get to know us, the more you’ll like us.

    See Campus... From Home

    Other than being here in person, it’s the best way to see IUP. Tour campus through videos and photographs, with stops at a residence hall, dining facility, academic building, library, the Oak Grove, and more.

  • Next Steps for Admitted Students

    Woohoo! It’s time to get started.

    When you join the IUP community, you join a family for life. Now let’s get the ball rolling!

    1. Get Excited

    You’re on the way to new things. Great things. Your determination and curiosity will carry you far.

    2. Attend a Destination IUP Session

    Your college journey holds so many possibilities, and these online sessions look into student life at IUP. Learn about the opportunities you’ll have that will shape you and define your experience. And get all your burning questions answered.

    3. Check out our Experience IUP Day online resources

    If you couldn’t make it to an Experience IUP Day, we’ve got some resources available to you. Check out all the ways you can discover IUP from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

    4. Get Social

    If you don’t already follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook—what are you waiting for? We’re @IUPedu everywhere. Tag us and use #IUPBound to let us know what you’re up to as you. If you want to connect with other incoming students, join our New2IUP Facebook group! Get excited, make new friends, and learn more about IUP. 

    5. Determine Your Financial Aid

    You can file your FAFSA (that’s the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as early as October 1 of the year before you start college. You need it for grants, student loans, and work-study funds. Heads-up: complete it by January 15 for maximum consideration. (Have questions? We’re happy to help.)

    6. Look For Scholarships

    You might qualify automatically for some scholarships at IUP. Find others on our Scholarship Search tool.

    7. Commit to IUP to Reserve Your Place

    We can’t wait for you to arrive! Commit to IUP by accepting your offer and paying your $150 tuition deposit. Move fast and commit to IUP early to get your first choice of housing options.

    8. Activate Your MyIUP Account

    MyIUP is one of the important tools you’ll use at IUP. Use it to stay updated on all the things you need to do, like register for orientation, which you’ll want to do quickly after you make your deposit. Look for more information from us on how to activate your account. 

    9. Select Your Room—and Roommate

    You can research your housing options on the website. Then, use our roommate matching tool to find the perfect fit. Keep an eye out for sign-up dates after you submit your tuition deposit.

    10. Sign up for Online Summer Orientation and Wrap Up Your Paperwork

    Take placement tests, complete your HAWK 100 and 101 courses, participate in your Zoom orientation meetings. Once you’re an official IUP student, be on the lookout for additional messaging via your IUP email account. You’ll also need to take care of a few details and fill out some forms:

    11. Get Packing

    Plan what you’ll bring with you (check the rules and pack for some winter days, too). 

    12. Get Ready To Grow

    Once you start college, your life won’t be the same. As we challenge you to unlock your potential, you’ll see the world in a whole new way. We’ll be with you every step of the way. You’re one of us now!