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The Value of International Experience

  • Alex Fidler, Sabo Scholarship recipient

    Alex Fidler understands the value of the scholarship she just received.

    The International Business major and Cook Honors College student has traveled abroad before and was quite happy to do so again, with the assistance of the Marla Sabo Scholarship for Studies Abroad.

    In her first international experience, Fidler lived and worked independently in Bayrischzell, Germany, but lacked the resources and time to travel.

    “That’s why I chose to return to Germany. My stay in Bayrischzell left me seeking to learn and experience more of the country and culture that fascinated me,” she said. “I am excited to learn in a new atmosphere and completely different setting. My experiences will help me grow not only as a student but will stay with me after I graduate.”

    In addition to some Chinese, Fidler said she can speak German but is not fluent and so plans to benefit from the experience to improve that skill. She is enrolled in the University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg.

    “Receiving a scholarship like this means so much to me. It helps me cover my extra living and traveling expenses in Nuremburg, and it gives me the opportunity to travel around the country,” she said.

    Her own study abroad experience motivated Marla Sabo, a member of the Class of 1979, to establish the scholarship fund in 2012.

    “I spent my junior year abroad in Nancy, France. The year changed my perspective greatly and fueled desire to expand my horizons andMarla Sabo ambitions for myself. Travel to me brings enrichment, broadening of understanding of people, an appreciation for differences—we can learn from different points of view—we can become more creative thinkers as a result,” said Sabo, pictured at right.

    “I have made many valuable friendships abroad over the years. We see each other to this day. The contacts have also helped tremendously in my professional career. I landed my first job in New York City as the result of a meeting I had in Paris with the buying office for Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus; my career grew from there. My hope is that the scholarship recipients would gain self-reliance, an appreciation of cultures and history, great friendships – the studies challenge the way we think and see things; an expansion of reasoning.”

    Currently a partner at Fireman Capital Partners in New York, Sabo worked in the European fashion industry for several decades with Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Hermes. She is the former president and chief operating officer of Christian Dior. 

    You may make an immediate gift online to any IUP scholarship fund by following the link above. Or, get print forms that you may mail to us. Either way, we thank you!

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