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  • Adrian Williams and Peach Mack

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    Decades of alumni remember the annual spring musical theater productions called Swing Out, which were planned and executed by the late Charlie Davis ’34 and Bob Ensley. Ensley’s daughter, Barbara “Peach” Ensley Mack ’68, grew up watching the productions unfold and knows firsthand the impact her father and Davis had on their students. That drove her to work to establish the Charles Davis and Robert Ensley Memorial Scholarship. 

    Aspiring professional performer Adrian Williams, who received the Davis-Ensley Scholarship, knew he had found his college home when, during his audition for admission to the Music Department, he forgot the words to the song. The interviewing professor jumped in to sing with him. 

    “I knew I could explore and make mistakes and still find support,” he said. 

    Williams spent the summer at Cumberland Theater in Maryland and plans to pursue a career in film.