Griffith Scholarship: Where Geography Meets Math

  • Griffith Scholarship Awardees

    Several years ago, Daniel Griffith ’70, M’72 and his wife, Diane, created a scholarship fund that would assist Geography majors with Math minors and Math majors with Geography minors. Daniel Griffith, himself, had pursued degrees in each discipline and today is the Ashbel Smith Professor of Geospatial Information Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas.

    “I am honored to receive a scholarship established by someone who has so much knowledge and success in the field,” said Luke Schmidt, a senior from Homer City who is nearing completion of his bachelor’s degree and is one of this year’s Griffith Scholarship recipients. Jenna Scherrah, a junior from Pittsburgh who is pursuing a major in Math and minor in Geography, also received the scholarship.

    “Geography and Math are two subjects that at first don't seem to have anything to do with one another. People think Geography is state capitals, and Math is finding when two trains meet. I just happened into having a Math minor with my Geography major, and, at first, I didn't really think it would help me,” Luke said. “But, as I learned more about each, I could really see the connection and how both play their part in solving intricate problems in real life.”

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