Earthquakes and Mesoscale Faults

  • Allison Berry

    Studying the data associated with earthquakes and mesoscale faults in Taiwan takes time, and a Dean’s Merit Scholarship enabled Allison Berry to stay on campus over the summer to do just that, through the Research Experience for Summer Scholars program.

    The senior Geoscience major has been engrossed in structural geology since her freshman year and since a study-abroad experience in Taiwan, where she collected the data that she continues to analyze now.

    The RESS program provides undergraduate researchers with a mentor and some structure, but they are the masters of their own projects. The Dean’s Merit Scholarship defrayed the cost of Allison’s participation.

    “When alumni support us, it makes all the difference,” she said. “It puts us way ahead of students at other colleges that don’t support undergraduates the way IUP does.”

    You may make an immediate gift online by following the link above. Or, get print forms that you may mail to us. Either way, we thank you!

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