Biologist in a Scientific Renaissance

  • Paul Kelly in the lab

    Graduate students often enter their programs already in debt from their undergraduate education. And, when you’re a biologist who needs to be in the lab seven days a week to monitor active experiments, acquiring a part-time job to cover expenses isn’t realistic.

    Paul Kelly M’14, who, having earned his master’s degree in Biology has taken his next step and now is pursuing his doctoral degree, sought a graduate course of study that would involve meaningful research. He found that at IUP. He also found the Walter F. (“Bud”) Gasdek Memorial Scholarship, which was, “a huge help in alleviating some of my current financial burdens.”

    And, that enabled him to keep a closer eye on his experiments—and some very important business.

    “The great thing about being a young biologist now is that the scientific community has a considerable understanding of how a lot of things work,” Paul said. “With this strong basis of understanding, we are able, in my opinion, to start making huge strides in tackling some of the more daunting problems that we face, such as understanding disease and developing therapies.”

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