Their Commitment Inspired Hers

  • Kristina Taylor Porter

    A few years ago, to acknowledge alumni and friends who consistently give to the university, the university established IUP Loyalty Society--a nod to those whose commitment of generosity stretches to five consecutive years and beyond.

    Kristina Taylor-Porter '06, M'08 and her husband, Rob Porter '94, are members of the Loyalty Society.

    "I invest and will continue to grow my support of IUP because of my experience in the Sociology Department during my undergraduate and graduate years," said Taylor-Porter, the executive director of Children's Advocacy Center of Centre County, an operation of Mount Nittany Health that treats victims and strives to prevent child abuse. "The influential relationships developed during my time in the Sociology Department undoubtedly impacted the course of my career."

    During her graduate course of study, Kristina and Rob were expectant parents, and Kristina's doctor ordered bed rest for her. Her professors, she said, were committed to seeing her through her education, enabling her to complete the program on time, using teleconferencing tools.

    “With the department's flexibility, I was able to graduate with my MA on time, allowing me to focus my energy on my family and my career," she said. “Of course, lessons learned in class prepared me for my career, but the support, loyalty, mentorship, and advocacy I received from the faculty in the Sociology Department is something I appreciated then and carry with me today. Thanks to some key professors and mentors-now colleagues--I am able to have a direct impact on my community."

    Your gift is an investment in the future. Join the Porters and more than 2,300 other IUP Loyalty Society members who consistently invest in the education of the next generation of community leaders.

    First appeared in IUP Magazine, Fall/Winter, 2014

    You may make an immediate gift online by following the link above. Or, get print forms that you may mail to us. Either way, we thank you!

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