2014-15 President's Council

The 2014-15 President's Council members made commitments to IUP of between $1,250 and $2,499.

William Balint '88 and Amy Balint '98

Charles Baltzer

Gretchen Barbor M'85 and John Barbor

James Begany

Michael Bertness '88 and Denise Haverty Bertness '86

Mark Bickert '87 and Lisa Bickert

Donald Binotto '76 and Marta Binotto

Jeffrey Black M'13

David Bluemling '85 and Sheila Mowry Bluemling '85

Helene Boroch '76

Timothy Bratton '68

Thomas Brice and Priscilla Brice

L. Edwin Brown M'77

Bret Buterbaugh and Marie Buterbaugh

Robert Camp

Allan Campbell '70 and Dorothy Campbell '67, M'72

Victor Campbell III '68

James Carino

Phillip Carrai '83 and Angela Carrai

Anthony Cinelli '83 and Margaret Cinelli

Gerald Clark '69 and Cheryl Dunlap Clark '68

Thomas Clay

Francis Condino and Martha Condino

James Victor Conrad '87 and Debbie Conrad

Thomas Costello '88

Virginia Crider

William Dannecker '61 and Lois Dannecker

Janet Daugherty '63 and Donald Daugherty

Laura Delbrugge and Mark Staszkiewicz

Robert Dellaposta '67

Matthew Denver and Elise Denver

Sandra Hoover Diefenderfer '67 and William Diefenderfer III

Michael Donnelly and Linda Donnelly

Linda Houk Double '67 and William Double

Kathleen Durkin M'76 and Paul Phillips '70, M'75

David Elko '76 and Constance Elko

Kelly Eschbach '86

George Evans and Karen Evans

Derek Fairman '03 and Lindsay Fairman

David Fluharty and Vickie Fluharty

John Frank '58 and Jeannette Frank

David Frye '79 and Linda Frye

Grady Gaspar '77 and Carol Zeh Gaspar '78

Beverly Bartzer Glendening '77 and Robert Glendening

Luis Gonzalez

Robin A. Gorman and Kay L. Gorman

Elizabeth Gregg

Donald Griffith Jr. and Joanna Wilde

Paul Haines '94 and Robin Haines

Robert Hawsey '77 and Jeannie Hawsey

Adam Hinds '97 and Kelly Hinds

W. David Hoff and Kim Hoff

Mary Kennedy Hogan '11, '74 and Donald Hogan

Amy Hovan '95, M'13 and Steven Hovan

Mary Hovanec '73 and Howard Miska

James Huettner '80 and Phyllis Croke Huettner '81

Daniel Jack '79 and Carolyn Jack

John Jevicky Sr. '76 and Lyn Jevicky

Brian Jones and Lynne Jones

Adrienne Kapisak '65

Richard Kapsa '54

Dennis Kelly M'90

Esther Massung Kepplinger '71 and Gary Kepplinger

Beatrice Kerridge '91

John Kilmarx and Beth Kilmarx

Frank Kinter Jr. and Hastie Kinter

Henry Knerr

Lisa Kruse '86

Joseph Kruszewski '91 and Ruby Kruszewski

Daniel Kuta '82 and Joanne Gray Kuta '83, '85

Laurie Frisina Kuzneski '93 and Andrew Kuzneski III

Ronald Levinson

Douglas Lingenfelter '83

Larry Lockard and Mary Lockard

Beth Longenecker '87

Gary Madich '77 and Cynthia Madich

Peter Magerko and Margaret Magerko

Daniel Markey '77 and Linda Markey

James Martin and Marcella Martin

Jamie Flick Martin '87, M'93, D'00 and Randy Martin

Sean McCaskill Sr. '92, M'01 and Rhena Berry McCaskill M'01

David McClymont '84 and Kathleen Lewis McClymont '84

Sean McLanahan '92 and Diane McLanahan

Donald McPherson '69, M'71 and Linda Leighty McPherson '69, M'76

Timothy McQuaide

William Mechling and Darla Mechling

Anthony Medvetz '86 and Linda Kunkle Medvetz '90

James Mill and Bonnie Mill

James Miller '87

Timothy Moerland and Mandi Moerland

Jeffrey Moran '89

John Mowrer III '71 and Anna Mowrer

Markus Olin-Fahle

Dorothy Palmer '57

Nick Palombi '76

Michele Dougherty Papakie '93

Raymond Parker '72 and Deborah Parker

Leo Paterra '77

L. Ronald Peters '65 and Andrea Fleischer Peters '65

Jay Philliber '09

Sam Phillips '91 and Lisa Phillips

Richard Pontius '76 and Sharon Pontius

John Prushnok and Patricia Prushnok

Wallace Putt '69 and Donna Dickie Putt '69

Margaret DiDonato Reagan '85 and Peter Reagan

John Reynolds '71 and Kathy L Reynolds

Robert Riggie '05

Patricia Kulp Rooney '86 and Patrick Rooney Jr.

Stephen Rose

Rodney Ruddock '65, M'75 and Ellen Sylves Ruddock '66

Gregg Schmidt '78 and Sharon Ammons-Schmidt

Tracy Settle '80 and Sheri Settle

William Shipley '75 and Judith Shipley

Gregory Sipos

Jean Sabolovich Sledzik '61 and Herman Sledzik

Paul Smocer '74 and Susan Seftic Smocer '75

Andrew Snyder '00

Charles Spadafora and Linda Spadafora

Jo-Una Spadafora

William Speidel III and Barbe Speidel

Judith Kralik Sterner '69 and Stephen Sterner

Douglas Steve '92, M'93 and Julie Steve

Susan Giles Stonebraker '68

William Sugra and El Sugra

Bethany Tate-Cornell '88 and Scott Cornell

Suzanne Kuhn Teele '82 and Edward Teele

William Thompson '85 and Dana Prola Thompson '85

John Trettel '55 and G. Yvonne Galli Trettel '54

Richard Ubinger '81 and Lori Ubinger

Debra Valentine Gray

Erik Vogeley '94 and Shelby Vogeley

David Wallace and Ruthie Wallace

David Weaver '60 and Constance Weaver

Ned Wert '58

John Weyandt '67, M'69 and Kathleen Weyandt

Robert Wilburn and Patricia Wilburn

Ralph Wingrove and Marsha Wingrove

Larry Wood Jr. '90 and Lorann Wood

Lenora Saxton Woodard M'76 and Melvin Woodard

Gary Wyant '83 and Stacey Wyant

William Ziegler M'80

Levent Akbay and Mary Beth Akbay

Robert Anderson '67 and Bonnie Anderson

Anonymous (9)

Loyalty Society Member

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