Crowdfunding Application

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    Project Leader’s IUP Affiliation




    Most projects are able to raise $5,000 or less. The majority of donors will come from your family, friends, and other personal networks. Do you know enough people that will donate to your project to reach your goal? The larger the team and the larger the networks, the more money you will be able to raise. Remember, it is important to set a realistic goal so that your campaign is successful. Start with the lowest goal possible—you can always add in stretch goals later.





    Which social media site(s) can you use to promote your project? (check all that apply)


    Do you have volunteers/ambassadors lined up to help promote the project?

    Volunteers can be individuals within your organization, alumni, faculty/staff, etc.



    Do you have resources to create a short video (90-second maximum) for the project?
    Are you submitting this project on behalf of a student organization?
    Expect to dedicate three hours of work each week leading up to the campaign and during. Can you commit to this time, which also includes a weekly 30-minute check-in phone call?
    Are you comfortable with asking others for donations? If you are not comfortable, you will not reach your goal.