We've pulled together some of IUP's most exciting student projects to give you the opportunity to turn their great ideas to reality. When you find a project that inspires you, make a gift and make a difference for IUP's students. Continue to help the project by sharing with your friends and family on social networks. This helps increase the project's chances of successfully raising its goal. Learn more about our current projects.

How does Crowdfunding work?

IUP student organizations or departments lead a fundraising campaign tied to a specific funding goal and timeline. Supporters can contribute to the campaign financially and are encouraged to share the campaign with their own community and social network.

Who can support a project?

Anyone! Supporters can be any individual or organization inside or outside the IUP community.

Are contributions returned if the campaign does not reach its stated fundraising goal?

No. Project teams will be able to keep the funds that are raised, even if the total funding goal is not met. Appropriate and demonstrated use of funds will be required by projects that did not meet their goal.

How do donors know that their contributions will be used for the campaign that they gave to?

Donor contributions will go only to the campaign(s) you have designated. Each campaign has an account set up by the Foundation for IUP. The Foundation for IUP ensures that these funds are used for their stated purposes.

Is my gift to a project a tax-deductible gift to IUP?

Yes. Your contribution is a charitable gift to the Foundation for IUP—a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization—designated for the project you have chosen to fund.

Will I receive a receipt for my contribution?

Yes, the Foundation for IUP will send you a gift receipt via email for tax purposes.

Is my gift eligible for employer/corporate matching?

Yes, if it falls within the guidelines of your company's matching gift policy. However, it can take several months for employers' matching funds to reach the Foundation for IUP. In the event the match does not arrive before the project deadline, it will be applied to the respective club or organization's account for future projects.

Who can submit a project?

IUP students can submit an application by completing the Crowdfunding Application.

How are projects selected?

Projects are selected by the IUP director of Affinity Projects, who reviews every application for funding submitted.